About Estate Sales
With over 30 years of combined experience Picker Place Estate Sales wants to be your first choice in the Tampa Bay Area. Our full service sales manage everything. We turn your stuff into cash!
Estate Sales Services
Large or small household estate eales,
business or personal liquidation, cleaning/house cleaning, property cleaning.
How it Works
The process is quite straight-forward.
Once we have the contract signed and the keys from you:

  1. We set the date of the sale, schedule marketing & advertising
  2. We come in, evaluate and price your items.
  3. We set up control areas and block off non-access areas.
  4. Set up check-out.
  5. We run the sale.
  6. Once sale is over, we remove all items not sold, and provide basic site-cleaning
  7. Cut check to you and hand the keys back over.
    • Q: Does Picker Place Estate Sales have upfront charges? A: No! We make our money after we sell your items.
    • Q: What is your commission to run my estate sale? A: Our commission is a scale between 35-50% depending on the sale circumstances
    • Q: Am I liable if someone is hurt? A: No, your homeowners insurance will cover any incidents or liabilities.
    • Q: How are my property and assets protected? A: Picker Place Estate Sales takes measures to protect your possessions. Among them are security cameras, having our staff trained against theft, and assure all smoke & carbon monoxide detectors are working on-site. We are happy to discuss more details if you have questions.
    • Q: How can I be assured I receive maximum value? A: Picker Place Estate Sales tries to sell all of your items at the highest price possible. We understand the market from experience and ensure our prices match current values.
    • Q: How do you advertise? A: Picker Place Estate Sales advertises through local papers, social media, through our shops, and through our website. Utilizing all of these platforms we ensure maximum exposure for our sale!

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